6 Free Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you running a business, either full-time or as a side hustle? Coming up with ways to market your business is a full-time job in itself. After all, that’s why you pay professionals to do it, right?

We’ve put together some 6 ideas on marketing your business which will be free, or involve, can’t get better then that?!


1. Build an email list.

It costs around 6 times to attract new customers as it does to sell to existing ones. Therefore, start building an email marketing list from day one and get relevant information from your clients. Name, email address and anything related to your business (specific products they like). You can then use a free email tool like MailChimp to send weekly updates to them.

2. Create a blog.

Start writing content for your visits. There are so many positive factors in doing this, it’s amazing for SEO, it’s great to keep in touch with your visitors by publishing latest news, events or handy tips but lastly, it’ll help you focus on your business for that 15-20 minutes your writing the blog and might help you make some important changes yourself.

3. Google My Business

If you have a physical business address, or offer services like a plumber, accountant, solicitor etc then this is a 100% must. When you’re searching on Google you’ll notice that there is a map displayed with businesses, you’re missing a trick if you’re not listed on that. Most people do not get past this area, let alone past page one on Google so it’s really important you position yourself as high up as possible, and Google My Business is that place.
Optimising it fully by adding images, location, adding your new blogs, etc is key too. If you’re struggling to optimise it, do get in touch as we can help.

4. Social Media

Sign up to free accounts on social media, but make sure the audience you target is on there. For example, if you work with solicitors they are more likely to be on LinkedIn than TikTok so ensure you utilise the platform your clients will go on. It can be time-consuming to manage them all so we recommend using a tool like Sendible where you set what you’d like to post once and then it publishes it across all the platforms you have signed up for – what a time-saver!

5. Networking

We know it is loathed by many but getting out there with like-minded businesses will do a world of good. In almost every town and city you’ll find the mornings buzzing with breakfast meet ups which is a great way to interact if you have a full-time job. Get some business cards printed, head on over and enjoy breakfast whilst engaging with other businesses. You never know, the one business you meet there might be the idea client you’ve been waiting to land or know someone you’ve been eager to work with.

6. Referral Scheme

We absolutely love this one and is a real cost-effective way to build the brand, it has worked wonders for us and would recommend it to everyone. Offer something in return for every referral sent your way. For example, we give £50 for everyone who sends someone our way and they sign up to our annual hosting. So if they send just 5 people our way, they get free hosting… everyone is a winner. So, get creative and come up with a referral scheme that works for you.

We hope that was of benefit to you and you implement at least 3 of those tips above, you will see a difference in your business.

If you’re struggling with anything, please do just reach out. Starting a blog, SEO, Google My Business, Social Media, just anything, we are happy to just on a free strategy call with you.

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